Tour W1 - Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Kotuku

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Tour Departs at 1.15pm

Te Jura Kaupapa Maori o Te Kotuku

92 Simpson Road, Ranui 

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In 1992, Te Kotuku was established by parents so that their children could be educated in a schooling environment, where Maori customs and traditions, values and Maori knowledge are central to their children's education. Construction of the new permanent premises of Te Kotuku began in 2009 on a site in Ranui, on the far western fringes of Auckland City, and the school was officially opened in 2010.

The whanau decided to switch teaching children from a traditional single cell classroom environment to a more modern open planned classroom environment. The new building was designed with one main open teaching space for all tamariki to learn. Attached to this space but divided by a removable wall was another large space similar to that of a wharenui for karakia, assemblies and waiata. Additionally the traditional staff room was converted into a wharekai for all members of the whanau including tamariki plus a whanau meeting room was established.

The buildings, driveway, entrances and playgrounds support the philosophy of Kura Kaupapa Maori where Te Reo Maori only speaking zones are clearly defined. The day to day entrance area, road and office block were located strategically away from all other kura spaces - which are in most part Maori speaking areas only. The main building is suspended across a natural gulley which will be planted in native bush to create an area where the children can learn about eco-sustainability, Maori medicines, sustainability and fauna and flora.

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