Tour N1 - Albany Senior High

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Albany Senior High

536 Albany Highway, Albany

Venue Overview

The brief was to build a senior high school to cater for 1300 students that took into account and responded to the site characteristics and constraints, building on the unique qualities of the site to fit into the rapidly changing nature of the surrounding area.

The school teaching and learning spaces are built around ten Learning Communities, each catering for up to 130 students. The Learning Communities are open plan - areas can be created with mobile panels, whiteboards and furniture to cater for student groups of various sizes. Within the Learning Communities also exist meeting room pods, specialist presentation rooms, resource rooms, communal staff workrooms, toilet facilities and food and drinks stations. As the Learning Communities reach the building centre they become more casual, and eventually flow directly into the circulation spine running the length of the school.

The specialist classrooms, Science, Art and Technology, are spread throughout the three storey school between the Learning Communities. The highly open and flexible nature of the school is designed to encourage strong community interaction between students and staff and new and varied methods of learning - both individual and group based.

The provision of flexible spaces continues into the external environment. A large plaza links the teaching block with an existing preserved historical school house, productive gardens and the gymnasium.

The outdoor seating is moveable and can be rearranged, reduced or increased to accommodate for the varying spatial requirements of different activities and student capacities. The Plaza also incorporates a shade structure, outdoor stage and seating steps that can be used for formal or informal gatherings, assemblies and general 'break- time' uses.

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