Tour C2 - The University of Auckland Undergrad Labs

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Tour Departs at 1.30pm

38 Princes Street, Auckland Central 

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After completing the Master Plan for the future development of The University of Auckland's Sector 300 Science Centre, Architectus was selected to undertake the vast project, which included the refurbishment of Building 303's Undergrad Labs Located at the corner of Princes and Wellesley Streets Building 303 occupies an important gateway position at the interface between the University of Auckland's City Campus and the CBD. Designed by the Ministry of Works and built in the 1960's the building fabric is largely original.

Two key requirements are addressed in the project brief; the realisation of the outcomes of the preceding Masterplanning process and the refurbishment of the existing building to incorporate the results of a planning exercise undertaken in consultation with the three Science Departments who will remain as building occupants.

In response our proposal identifies opportunities to create a new transparent permeable edge to the street featuring a new entry and enhancement of the adjacent streetscapes.

Within the tower levels new breakout spaces on each level encourage staff interaction and chance encounters between Departments. Externally these spaces are expressed as a transparent multi-storey 'balcony window' cantilevering beyond the primary faade to form a visual connection to Albert Park and the CBD beyond.
Energy efficiency is achieved through the use of sun-shading, solar water heating and a passive ventilation strategy which realises the potential of the buildings existing thermal mass.

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