Tour C1 - The University of Auckland Medical School

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Tour Departs at 1.30pm

The University of Auckland Medical School
85 Park Road, Grafton

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After reconfiguring the University of Auckland's Medical School in their masterplan, Jasmax won the commission to design a new building for the faculty at the University's Grafton campus.

The University of Auckland's Medical School in Grafton has occupied a set of sturdy buildings since the late '60s. After working on the masterplan for the sector, Jasmax won the commission to create a more student-centred space and reorganise the way the faculty operated, consistent with modern teaching methods and research needs.

The project encompasses a new building (named the Boyle Building), and a multi-storeyed atrium space. This is the heart of the school and it is a very generous space, providing connections between the existing and new buildings that flow through the atrium space.

The naturally ventilated atrium is bordered on one side by a wide stair that leads right up through the building. At ground level, there is a cafŽ and also an open student lounge and the student admin centre. Above it is the library, computer labs and student commons where colourful furniture helps to create a playful and pleasant atmosphere for students to study.

The lower two floors of the Boyle Building are for the undergraduates and are more open plan and less restricted. Rising up the building, the security increases with the level of postgraduate research. The building also contains open-plan offices and internal meeting rooms, clinics and staff lounges. The research labs in the existing buildings have also been refurbished, bringing them up to date and providing more sophisticated lab environments that allow for and facilitate collaboration between students.

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