Designing Spaces for Learning - Mark Treadwell

Published: Tuesday 4 June 2013


Mark Treadwell is an independent consultant who has addressed over 200 regional, national and international conferences/seminars over the last five years. He speaks on the transformation of education required in order to address the issues of the current paradigm shift in education and the changes in teaching and learning practices necessary for today’s learners. Mark has completed extensive research into the future of schooling, curriculum design, neuroscience, technology and the impact these have on teaching and learning practices. He has written two major literature reviews on the future of education and how the brain learns as well as developing a global conceptual curriculum and the KnowledgeNET online learning environment. 

Abstract: Before designers start designing spaces they need a brief. The essence of the brief is to design a space that facilitates effective learning BUT what actually is learning? How does the brain do that? How do we become creative? What do we expect when we say to students “Okay let’s think about that!” or “I want you to use your imagination!” What do we expect them to actually do? How does the brain really learn and what is the model of thinking, learning and remembering that we will use to design the spaces we require?

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