Designing Agile Learning Ecologies for Complex Futures - Christian Long

Christian Long is an educator, school planner, technology expert, passionate advocate for innovative learning communities, and educational futurist. Christian works for Cannon Design's global education group where he helps to lead The Third Teacher + studio. Additionally, he was the founder of Be Playful, a collaborative educational design agency and founder/co-developer of Prototype Design Camp, an innovative national design program for young creatives, collaborating on real problems in the real world in real time. Additionally, Christian speaks nationally and internationally on topics ranging from emerging trends in education, 21st Century technology and social media, and innovative school planning practices.

Christian Long, Vice President Education, Co-Practice Leader, The Third Teacher + Studio and Trung Le, Principal, Education; Co-Practice Leader, The Third Teacher + Studio

Abstract: As Bruce Mau often reminds us, we can no longer afford to simply design the object; we must design the entire ecology. And when we imagine proactively responding to questions re: the "future of learning", we are called to respond to such questions via a truly systemic mindset.

We will explore the connection between the evolution of human-centered "design thinking" methodologies at a time of increased discussion around the development of 21st century learning environments. Ultimately the goal is to discuss the growing need to foster agile learning environments that empower trans-disciplinary teams of creatives solving complex problems anchored in the real world.

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